Barracuda Spam Filter



Montana Sky provides Barracuda spam filtering service with all our hosted emails.
Each user can customize the level of filtering by logging in to the web based management panel.

By default, all emails that are caught in the spam filter will be deleted after 14 days. An email is sent to each user once per day, listing the emails that have been trapped or filtered. From there the user can decide if something should be delivered, white-listed, black-listed, etc.

Barracuda allows each user to customize their spam level.

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Spam score goes from 0 to 10
0 is good and 10 is bad.

The default setting for all customers who do not tinker with it is

Block 4
Quarantine 2
Tag (Disabled)

In this scenario
Over 4 will be Blocked!
Over 2 and under 4 will go to Quarantine.
And none will ever be delivered with a [spam] Tag
All emails rated with a spam score under 2 will be delivered.

The main thing is that if you want to use the Quarantine or Tag feature:
The value for Quarantine or Tag has to be set lower than the preceding setting, or else the selected threshold will have no effect.

It's like this:

  1. ​IF an incoming email's spam score is Greater Than “Block Value” : then Barracuda will Block the email and you will never know it ever existed.
  2. ELSE IF  an incoming email's spam score is Greater Than “Quarantine Value”: then Put in Quarantine.
  3. ELSE IF  an incoming email's spam score is Greater Than “Tag Value”: then Barracuda adds [spam] to subject and deliver it to your inbox.
  4. ELSE: Deliver it. (Does not get caught in any of the above filters)

It can never be caught in two filters. So make sure your settings go from high to low. Starting with Block and ending with Tag.

Email may still go to your local junk mail folder on your local email program.
Barracuda has nothing to do with that.


  1. Block means that emails will be blocked before they get to your email or quarantine. You will never even see them or be able to find them anywhere.
  2. Quarantine means that emails are not delivered to your inbox unless you manually log into http://spamfilter.montanasky.net and click "deliver".
    Quarantined emails are held for 14 days and then automatically deleted.
  3. Tag means that messages are flagged with a "spam tag" that looks like this: [spam] in the subject line of the message.
    This allows you to set personal rules in your email program for how to handle such messages. i.e. automatically move them to a folder that you review occasionally.



After you login you may block or make sure emails never get blocked (whitelist).

Click on the PREFERENCES tab.

There you can add an email address or a whole domain (like  somedomain.net which will allow or block or all emails ending in  somedomain.net).

Enter the email address or domain you want to block (one per line) and click the ADD button.

That's it!