Fiber GPON Reboot

Find the ONT FIber Modem like the photo.

It usually will be at end of the ethernet cable that is plugged into the WAN port of your WIFI Router device.

It is at the end where the fiber enters your building.

Do NOT unplug fiber cable unless direct by MontanaSky.

Unplug POWER from the ONT and your Router
Wait 2 Minutes

Power Up Fiber ONT
Power Up Router
Wait 2 minutes for all to reboot

Do Not Reboot GPON Again.

Do not push the RESET BUTTON!  

You can get these TEXTs anytime by sending
by text to 406-752-4335



Reset Button

The Reset button serves two functions for the UF-LOCO:

  • Restart Press and release the Reset button quickly. The three signal LEDs will flash amber.
  • Restore to Factory Default Settings  DO ONLY IF TOLD BY MONTANASKY
  •  Press and hold the Reset button for more than five seconds.

PON Port

SC/APC GPON port supports WAN connections of 2.488 Gbps downstream and 1.244 Gbps upstream.

Power Port

The Micro-USB Power Adapter connects to this port to provide power.

Ethernet Power

RJ45 Ethernet LAN port supports a 10/100/1000 Mbps connection and passive 24V PoE to power the device.

Ethernet LED


Ethernet connection down


Ethernet connection up

Signal LEDs



Signal strength: low

≥ -28 dBm

Signal strength: good

≥ -25 dBm

Signal strength: strong

≥ -11 dBm

Signal strength: too low

< -28 dBm

Check the quality of the fiber connection, and calculate the total optical loss of the optical splitters.

Signal strength: too strong

≥ -8 dBm

Add an optical splitter, or add
a 5 or 10 dB optical attenuator.

No signal

Check the fiber cables and connectors, and ensure that the OLT functions properly.

No authority

The UF-LOCO has not been authorized or cannot communicate with the OLT. Check passwords and OLT settings.

Power LED


Power off


Power on