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Where should I place my pods?

When it comes to getting the best performance out of your Plume network, pod placement is everything! While every home has a unique size, shape, and Wi-Fi environment, here are some guidelines for maximizing your speeds.

We recommend one SuperPod or PowerPod for every two rooms. Pods should be spread evenly around the home, especially in rooms and open spaces where is more common to use Wi-Fi. Typically, SuperPods should be placed about 30-40 feet apart through walls and 60-80 feet apart for large open spaces (like a large living room). Pods should be placed 15-20 feet apart through walls and 30-40 feet apart in the open. PowerPod range is around 21-30 feet through walls and 42- 59 feet in open spaces. 

Be sure to position pods in central locations along interior walls of your home to take advantage of the pods' omnidirectional radios!


Additional Tips to Improve Coverage & Performance


Turn Off Additional Wi-Fi Networks

  • Parallel networks from an upstream or additional router increase interference, dramatically decreasing your Plume network's performance
  • If your secondary network shared an SSID and Password with your Plume network, devices will often become confused and hop between the two networks, hurting their connectivity

Steer Clear of Furniture

  • Dense padding and metal/wood framing in furniture can inhibit your Wi-Fi performance. Try placing your pod in an open, exposed area to improve signal and show off your new hardware!
  • Similarly to how mirrors reflect light, they also reflect Wi-Fi signal, decreasing signal strength. Try to position pods to connect around large mirrors and windows, rather than through.

Avoid Appliances

  • TVs, refrigerators, subwoofers, and metals doors are Wi-Fi killers. Avoid placing pods too close to or behind these appliances.
  • Devices like microwaves, baby monitors, and cordless phones often share the same frequency as your Wi-Fi networks, creating additional interference when placed too close together.

Work Around Your Home's Construction

  • Just like mirrors, energy-efficient windows can negatively impact your Wi-Fi signal.
  • Metallic blinds/shades can also prevent your network from reaching balconies, terraces, or gardens.
  • Foil-backed underfloor insulation can prevent Wi-Fi signals from passing between floors in your home. Try placing pods near stairs where they might have a more direct line of sight



Pod Placement for Small/Medium to Large Size Homes

Placing the gateway pod (GW: pod connected via Ethernet to a modem/router) in a central part of your business ensures that you are able to distribute your Plume network to all corners of your business!

By placing the Wi-Fi-connected pods on the interior walls of your business, you can take full advantage of Plume's omnidirectional radios and ensure a strong backhaul connection between pods. This also may help reduce the chance of your guests gaining physical access to the pods.

Remember that when placing Wi-Fi-connected pods the ideal distance to maintaining a strong backhaul connection is to place them 30-40 feet from one another if there are obstructions in between. 

Small to Medium Size Homes


Large Homes


Irregular Shaped Homes


Unfortunately, it's not always possible to place your gateway pod in the center of your business due to the existing network cable installations or your business IT infrastructure needs.


Fortunately, Plume can still accommodate this using the below placement guide!

Small to Medium Size Homes


Large Homes


Irregular Shaped Homes