Get Your Email Settings
POP3 versus IMAP
Many new versions of email clients and mobile devices make users default to an IMAP configuration. The default Email client that comes with Windows 8 does not even allow a POP set up.

(Pssst.. If you have windows 8, you do not HAVE to use their built-in client)

Our mail servers will handle both POP3 and IMAP. Make sure that you know what you are selecting. Once you are set up, you can't change it without setting up a new account.

POP3 gets email from the mail server and stores it on your local device. If you want to allow multiple devices to get the same email, set your device to leave a copy on the mail server for a limited time after it has been downloaded. Such as 7 days to allow all devices to get the email.


IMAP is primarily used by people who check the same email account on multiple devices. IMAP will keep all email stored on the mail server.

IMAP Pros:
  • All devices stay synchronized
  • Supports subfolders
  • Cloud Email Storage
IMAP Warnings:
  • Mail server storage quota will eventually fill up unless you delete old messages.
  • If one device is set up as POP3 for the same account, it may download and delete the messages on the mail server, leaving IMAP accounts empty. Make sure all connecting devices are set up as IMAP.

Email Port Configurations

In most email software, there is an Advanced Tab that allows you to change Email Ports.

Older email clients will default to Non-SSL POP3 accounts. We strongly recommend using Secure (SSL) IMAP.

If your email needs to be protected by encryption between your device and the mail server, use Montanasky's Mail Servers:

  1. mail.montanasky.net as Incoming Server and
  2. mail.montanasky.net as Outgoing Server
    Yes, "mail." for both.

For SSL: In Advanced Settings, Select encryption method SSL and change your ports for POP3 to:
  1. Incoming Server Port: 995, and
  2. Outgoing Server Port 465
Or for IMAP to:
  1. Incoming Server Port: 993, and
  2. Outgoing Server Port 465
Common Questions
  • What is my password?
    • Our support staff do not have access to your password.
    • Click Here to set up a reovery Email or Phone number.
  • How do I change my password?
    • The password on your device has to match the password on the mail server.
    • To update your password on the server, click here
    • To update password on your device, select your device type from the links on top of this page.
  • iPhone Connection Warning
    • On iOS devices, when you first set up a new MontanaSky hosted email, it may give you a warning. If so, chances are that you are NOT using SSL.
    • Change incoming server to mail.montanasky.net
    • Change outgoing server to mail.montanasky.net
    • Check SSL encryption
    • See port configurations above.
  • Barracuda Spam Filtering
  • My account has been Hacked!
  • Phishing Scams
    • Scammers and impostors occasionally send unsolicited emails to our customers pretending to be MontanaSky and asking our customers to confirm their email password.
    • Always look at the URL (web address) to make sure that you are on the right website. Some scammers make a website that looks like your vendor.
  • Webmail Access
  • File Attachments
    • Max File Size 50 MB
    • Warning! The person you are sending to may have a smaller limit than us. If so, your large email will be rejected by them. Consider using drop box or other file transfer tool for large attachments.

Don't want to mess with settings?  Use MontanaSky Webmail on any device anywhere!