Only use MontanaSky's speed test to get the most accurate reading on your line.

If you are a MontanaSky Internet customer, all your Internet traffic is routed through us.
Your MontanaSky speed test will be recorded and allow us to touble shoot your connection.

Disconnect ALL but ONE connected devices and run a Speed Test.

The speedtest will show you only how much speed you have left with all other devices
you have currently connected using the internet.
ALL other devices must be turned off to measure whether your line itself is causing a slow down.

For example, an iPhone or Smartphone, can hog 30Mbs each, and your DSL is much lower speed than that. One iPad doing auto-updates will interfere with your internet speed especially if you're streaming movies in 720p or higher. Therefore to measure if your line is not functioning at it's fully capable speed, you must unplug every IP device, IP phone, fax, satellite TV, alarm, or other device using  your router, or multiple routers.

Turn off all WiFi devices, Game boxes, TV streaming devices, and other computers hard wired or connected into your router.

After you have turned off all internet devices except for the one you will test with you may procced to record a SPEED TEST HERE with only one device connected: http://speedtest.montanasky.net

MontanaSky Speed Test  http://speedtest.montanasky.net

Best to run this test on a virus-free, current PC or Apple MAC run with an Ethernet cable connected directly to your modem or modem router combo. 

Next best device would be a high quality iPhone or Android device with FULL WIFI bars running the speed test while standing no more that 6 feet away from the wireless router, with clear view to the wifi router.  The router cannot be behind a tv, desk, in another room, behind walls etc. our you will not get an accurate speed test.

Again ALL other devices must be turned off to measure whether your line itself is causing a slow down.

Your speed will be recorded in our database which will allow our technicians to see exactly what speeds you got on your test.


Access Speed Test

Speed Test